The objective of this line of research is the study of cultural heritage from a multidisciplinary perspective, with special attention to popular cultures, the patrimonial process and to the role of cultural heritage (including material as well as immaterial or intangible) in the construction of memory and the perception of identity. 

            It´s development is done through the Anthropology Group of Investigation about Heritage and Popular Cultures, that is composed by researchers with a philological, historical and anthropological background.  The research jobs that are currently being realized are:

a) Analysis of social conditions that aid in the conservationand destruction of the cultural heritage, taking as a case study the monuments of the civil war and “franquismo” that are currently  seen as “ unwanted” or “uncomfortable” legacies (Projects CRIC fp7-ssh-2207-1-217411 and HAR2009-09913).  

b) Recovery of literary and linguistic heritage of the cultural and religious minorities.  Taking as a study case the oral and written literature of the Sephardic Jews from XVIII century to current communities (Project FFI2009-07026/FILO).

c) Research of popular catholicreligion and rituals, with special attention to iconography,  and the trade and possession of relics and sacred images; as well as the construction of the personal image and appearance through jewelry and clothing.

d) Edition and study of documents with ethnographic interest and texts about oral literature.  Analysis of oral tradition and the process of traditionalization.

Centro / Institutos: 
Institute of Language, Literature and Anthropology (ILLA)