Seminario Transversal: "Contesting Islam and Inequality in Granada: Muslim Converts and Immigrants and the Shadow of al-Andalus"

12:00 hrs. Sala Ramón Carande 2F
Por Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar (Yale University)
This talk ethnographically explores the efforts of Muslims, particularly European converts and Moroccan immigrants, to represent Islam in southern Spain. It examines Muslims’ different representational strategies, their debates about representation, and related tensions between converts and immigrants regarding religious authenticity, representational authority, and social inequalities. The author argues that converts’ and immigrants’ different placement in racialized imaginaries of Islam, uneven access to romantic historical narratives of Muslim Spain, and distinct structural positions in Spain’s political economy converge to produce an unequal multiculturalism. This is expressed in converts’ and immigrants’ racial, gendered, and class-based anxieties about representing Islam in Spain.
Seminario conjunto organizado por: Maribel Fierro (Grupo de Estudios Árabes, ILC, CCHS-CSIC) y Mariacaterina La Barbera (ILLA, CCHS-CSIC)
Organización técnica: Mercedes Melchor (GEAR-DEFIHIS)