Sesión extraordinaria del Seminario de Lingüística Teórica LyCC: "Bare nominals and argument structure. A contrastive study of Catalan, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese"

16:30 hrs. Salón de Actos
Por María Teresa Espinal (Univ. Autónoma de Barcelona)
In this talk, following previous work with J. Mateu (UAB) and recent work with S. Cyrino (UNICAMP) (Espinal & Mateu 2011; Cyrino & Espinal 2011), I would like to focus on a set of phenomena related to the syntax and semantics of bare count nominals. The novelty of this study is to relate the occurrence of bare nominals (BNs; i.e., bare count nouns unmarked for number and definiteness) in three Romance languages with the argument structure position in which they may occur at a syntactic level of representation, and to explain the relationship between argument structure and the interpretation of bare nominals...[More information]