Workshop on "Modification (with & without modifiers)"

Salon de Actos
Modification is a process we often resort to, but which we have little understanding of. It has been identified it with the particular mode of composition that amounts to intersection (as in Heim & Kratzer's (1998) predicate modification). But then, predicate modifiers have also been treated since Siegel (1976) as properties of properties. And in the literature, we also see it used in a rather intuitive manner in expressions such as “adverbial modification” or “adjective modifier”, where the term here seems to be closer to the concept of predication instead of the set-theoretic notion of intersection. In fact, intersection and predicate modification happen to be opposite ways of analyzing constructions, as in the case of relational adjectives (McNally & Boleda2004) or Larson’s (1998) “beautiful dancer”
Organized by: Elena Castroviejo (ILLA-CCHS)