Disparidades. Revista de Antropología

Disparidades. Revista de Antropología  is the new denomination of Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares (1944-2018), the oldest existing journal in Spain devoted to social and cultural anthropology. Aimed at international specialists in the field, this scientific publication sets particular store by innovative contributions to anthropological research in theory and methodology, adopting a broad and plural approach.

Disparidades. Revista de Antropología publishes original articles which contribute to anthropological knowledge and enrich the critical debate among researchers, paying special attention to theoretical and methodological input and to field ethnography.

Every issue contains a section entitled “Articles”, while “Emergent Ethnography” and “Cartographies” appear in alternate issues. Other non-fixed sections include “In a Few Words”, “Sources and Testimonies”, “In the Wild” and “Book Reviews”.

Disparidades. Revista de Antropología considers ethnography a complex “emerging” process where feedback dynamics are at work between a series of dimensions, including between: theory and practice, reality and text, research designs and changing situations, field scenarios and the application of research techniques, the standpoint of the researcher and that of the informant, or between the researcher and the audience receiving their text.

In view of its public-service commitment, the journal gives priority to texts that help portray the anthropology of the present and the future. It therefore publishes articles which (a) are anchored in ethnographic fieldwork, covering everything from local studies to cyberspace, and using techniques that range from the conventional to the most innovative; (b) propose solid, updated theoretical structures that facilitate the understanding and interpretation of empirical data in a comparative global framework; and (c) take a bold approach, capable of outlining and opening up new horizons for the discipline. All of this must meet the strictest standards of theoretical and methodological rigor.

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This journal is published only in electronic format and provides free, unrestricted access to all contents immediately after publication.