Publicaciones del ILLA


It is published in an annual volume and contains studies, notes and texts of interest related to the author of El Ingenioso hidalgo . It provides any information about the subject appearing in books and in Spanish and foreign journals. Like in its early stages, it aims to collect any manifestation of thought about the figure of Cervantes, not only about the man and his work, but about his environment as well: society, landscape, time…With its studies, notes, book reviews, etc., Anales Cervantinos has been, since 1951, the oldest monograph publication of scholarly nature...

Established in 1944,is at present the Spanish jour­nal of longest standing devoted to social and cul­tural anthropology. By publishing two issues per year, one of them monographic, the annual volume offers 600 pages of scholarly work. The journal’s regular sections include major articles, notes, archi­val documents and book reviews. Aimed at a learned readership, it publishes original contribu­tions to anthropological knowledge while enriching scholarly debate, especially on theoretical and methodological questions as well as on ethno­graphic fieldwork.

Revista de...

Founded in 1914 by Ramón Menéndez Pidal, the journal Revista de Filología Española (RFE) is published in biannual volumes which make up every year a volume of about 450 pages. Throughout its evolution, RFE, which is devoted to Spanish philology, has adapted to the changes experienced by Philology itself. It provides bibliographic information related to its contents appearing in the joumals received bythe Tomás Navarro Tomás Library (CSIC). The Editorial Board, according to confidential reports of external assessors, decide on the publication of the articles received, which should always be...

The journal Revista de Literatura, especially devoted to Spanish literature, publishes original articles of literary research of general theoretical, critical, historical, scholarly or documentary character. Two issues are published every year, of more than three hundred pages each, corresponding to one volume.


Colección De Acá y de Allá. Fuentes Etnográficas

Se trata de una colección que intenta continuar el espíritu que presidió el proyecto de investigación dirigido por Julio Caro Baroja en el CSIC con el título de “Fuentes para la Etnografía Española”, ampliando el contenido a otras fuentes para la etnografía de América también. A pesar de estar en la era digital, la mayor parte de los materiales que se podrían utilizar como fuentes de estudio para las costumbres y tradiciones culturales de muchas culturas de España y América no están disponibles. Ello se debe a que muchos de estos materiales se editaron hace décadas en tiradas cortas y están agotados e ilocalizables, o bien a que nunca se editaron y distribuyeron adecuadamente.