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It is published in an annual volume and contains studies, notes and texts of interest related to the author of El Ingenioso hidalgo . It provides any information about the subject appearing in books and in Spanish and foreign journals. Like in its early stages, it aims to collect any manifestation of thought about the figure of Cervantes, not only about the man and his work, but about his environment as well: society, landscape, time…With its studies, notes, book reviews, etc., Anales Cervantinos has been, since 1951, the oldest monograph publication of scholarly nature...

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Disparidades. Revista de Antropología is the new denomination of Revista de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares (1944-2018) , the oldest existing journal in Spain devoted to social and cultural anthropology. Aimed at international specialists in the field, this scientific publication sets particular store by innovative contributions to anthropological research in theory and methodology, adopting a broad and plural approach....

The journal Revista de Literatura, especially devoted to Spanish literature, publishes original articles of literary research of general theoretical, critical, historical, scholarly or documentary character. Two issues are published every year, of more than three hundred pages each, corresponding to one volume.


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El propósito de la colección DE ACÁ Y DE ALLÁ. FUENTES ETNOGRÁFICAS es brindar al lector textos de especial relevancia para un conocimiento de la antropología realizada tanto en el ámbito hispánico, como en otros pueblos y culturas. Así, tendrán cabida las obras «clásicas», las de difícil adquisición, los documentos o compendios inéditos, y los estudios antropológicos basados en sólidos trabajos de campo, abordados desde una mirada transversal, con especial énfasis en las fuentes etnográficas, una cuidada edición y la firme vocación de perdurabilidad.