Seminario permanente de Lingüística Teórica LyCC: "The expression of (abstract) location/situation: the case of estar. Capturing new challenging data"

16:00 hrs. Sala Gili i Gaya 1E
Por Mª Eugenia Mangialavori Raisa (CONICET, Argentina)
Perhaps one of the most widely accepted descriptions of ser and estar is that the former is used to describe the inherent properties of an entity, while the latter is used to describe a current state or temporary situation; thus encouraging, among other options, their analysis in terms of IL vs. SL predicates, respectively (Bosque 1989, Demonte 1999; Fernandez Leborans 1999, Arche 2006 among many others). Of course this interpretation seems descriptively adequate with respect to a substantial number of instances. Still, there are also sets of data challenging this classification.

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