Seminario de Lingüísta Teórica LyCC: "Conflation vs. Incorporation Processes and Argument Structure"

Por Jaume Mateu (CLT-UAB)

Sala Menéndez Pidal 0E18

In this talk, an important distinction is shown to be drawn within Hoekstra’s (1988) Small Clause Results (SCR’s) in the light of Haugen’s (2009: 260) revisionist claim that “Incorporation is conceived of as head-movement (as in Baker 1988; Hale & Keyser 1993), and is instantiated through the syntactic operation of Copy, whereas Conflation is instantiated directly through Merge (compounding)” (cf. McIntyre 2004, Harley 2005, Zubizarreta & Oh 2007, i.a.). In particular, the main goal of this talk is to show that Haugen’s (2009) bipartite classification of denominal verbs (i.e., some involve Incorporation, while others involve Conflation) has an interesting parallel in the SCR domain as well.

Organiza: Grupo de Investigación "Lingüística y Ciencia Cognitiva"

Línea de investigación Cambio, variación y cognición en el lenguaje 

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