Gender Studies in Cultural Industries and Stage Arts (InGenArTe)

Researcher in charge: Pilar Nieva de la Paz



InGenArte tries to research women’s presence and their contributions in the processes of literary and theatrical creation, production and distribution (texts, staging, management, etc.),as well as the modernity of their expression languages and techniques. InGenArte also researches into the representations of female and male identity models, paying attention to their reproduction and consolidation of stereotypes. We also propose a new canon of literary works and dramatic creations suitable for the cultural schedules and educational institutions. The main goal is to improve the quality of Education, that should be inclusive and egalitarian, promoting equal opportunities. With that aim, we work to generate an offer of materials suitable for its utilization in the educative system. Besides Literary and Stage Productions, we consider other Creative Industries as Cinema, TV and TICs.


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