Laboratory of Phonetics

The Laboratory of Phonetics belongs to the Institute of Language, Literature and Anthropology (ILLA) of the Center for Human and Social Sciences (CCHS) of the CSIC. The laboratory has a long tradition in the field of phonetic-phonological studies in Spain. 

In addition, the magazine Loquens Spanish Journal of Speech Sciences / Revista Española de Ciencias del Habla is attached to the Laboratorypublished by Editorial CSIC.

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Research Area

The Laboratory of Phonetics develops its own research projects and collaborates with others belonging to different universities and research centers. The laboratory has served, and continues to serve, different institutions, companies and national and foreign research centers:

  • - Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona
  • - Servicio de Criminalística de la Dirección General de la Guardia Civil
  • - Universidad de Delaware
  • - Universidad de Purdue
  • - Cosmos Detectives
  • - Galán Asociados. Bufete de Abogados
  • - De Lucas-Remón Abogados
  • - Phonak
  • - FonHispania 2012: Speech Perception and Speaker Identification
  • - IAFPA 2012 Annual Conference
  • - Simposio XL SEL 2011: Colaboración
  • - Simposio XLII SEL 2013: Sesión monográfica: La percepción unimodal y multimodal del habla

Tools & Services

Alert service for articles on speech science. Permanently updated information about articles related to speech sciences that are published daily in the most important specialized journals in the world.

Search engine for morphophonological patterns of Spanish (BuFón). BuFón is a free access tool that allows you to search for morphophonological patterns and minimal pairs in a database of half a million Spanish words.

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