Literature, Image and Cultural History

Researcher in charge: Joaquín Álvarez Barrientos



The Group's activity consists in the recovery, editing and study of texts and other media of cultural communication with special emphasis on the performance and its audiovisual manifestations. Its goal is to interpret this heritage in its diverse forms of representation and reception. The Group works in an international arena of interdisciplinary relations, and its results aim at showcasing Spain's multicultural heterogeneity and international influence standing.

The interest given to interdisciplinary research in the field of studies on Hispanic culture supposes a future challenge in relation to ontology and the consequent way of approaching the knowledge of literary sign as a cultural sign on the frontier of fields such as cinema, video, performance, painting ... etc. A task such as that one, also requires the expansion of the communication and the dissemination of classics diffusion scientific channels towards web platforms capable of simultaneously hosting multimedia 


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