Pura Fernández (ILLA) coedita "Engaging the Emotions in Spanish Culture and History (18th Century to the Present)"

Jueves, 21 Mayo, 2015

Engaging the Emotions in Spanish Culture and History (18th Century to the Present) es el título del nuevo libro coeditado por Luisa Elena Delgado (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaing) , Pura Fernández (ILLA, CCHS-CSIC) y Jo Labanyi (New York University).

Rather than being properties of the individual self, emotions are socially produced and deployed in specific cultural contexts, as this collection documents with unusual richness. All the essays show emotions to be a form of thought and knowledge, and a major component of social life including in the nineteenth century, which attempted to relegate them to a feminine intimate sphere.

The collection ranges across topics such as eighteenth-century sensibility, nineteenth-century concerns with the transmission of emotions, early twentieth-century cinematic affect, and the contemporary mobilization of political emotions including those regarding nonstate national identities. The complexities and effects of emotions are explored in a variety of forms political rhetoric, literature, personal letters, medical writing, cinema, graphic art, soap opera, journalism, popular music, digital media with attention paid to broader European and transatlantic implications.

Luisa Elena Delgado is Professor of Spanish, Critical Theory, and Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Pura Fernández is Research Professor in the Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Spain's National Research Council.

Jo Labanyi is Professor of Spanish at New York University.

Contributors: Rafael Huertas (IH, CCHS-CSIC), Javier Moscoso (IH, CCHS-CSIC) and Francisco Ferrándiz (ILLA, CCHS-CSIC)

Engaging the Emotions in Spanish Culture and History (18th Century to the Present). Editor(s): Luisa Elena Delgado, Pura Fernandez, Jo Labanyi. Nashville (USA): Vanderbilt University Press, 2015

ISBN 978-0-8265-2085-2 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-8265-2086-9 (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-8265-2087-6 (ebook)

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